How to become fat with Indian diet (Gain 5- 10 kgs weight)

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Almost every one around you might be looking for a weight loss diet , but there are  those who on the contrary are looking for weight gain diets. Here are some very useful and practical tips on How to become fat with Indian diet. You can easily gain 5- 10 kgs of weight by following the tips mentioned here . so come along , lets read How to become fat with Indian diet.

We all have that one friend who eats like a devil and still manage not to gain weight. “It’s in my Genes” that is what we all hear from them. They always have their fast metabolism to blame for their skinniness. But, underweight people too suffer a lot in daily life.

Eating enough but still not gaining weight can have various reasons. People do consume high calorie foods. Yet are clueless about whether what they are eating actually works well. Calorie dense foods help to gain weight fast, but put you at high risk for hyper- cholesterolemia, heart block, diabetes etc. Later then people have to struggle to lose weight rather than gain weight.

If you are one of those who feel it is your body type or its in your genes , We need to know more about body types before we proceed to know How to become fat with Indian diet. Read –  Learn about your body type.

Let us now take a step by step approach towards weight gain, This will help us understand How to become fat with Indian diet.

How to become fat with Indian diet ?

Step 1

Try to find root cause of being underweight: 

  • Most often an underlying illness or disease can be the root cause for being underweight. Conditions like anaemia, digestive problems, gluten sensitivity , lactose intolerance,  vitamin or mineral deficiency or excessive stress and tension in your life are few examples.
  • Some people have the natural habit of neglecting their diet, which is a common cause of being underweight and sickly.
  • Hyperthyroidism causes very high metabolic rate in an individual. This can cause in lack of weight gain despite eating a lot of food .
  • Lack of healthy food, inadequate feeding habits or prolonged meal timings.

Once you are able to point the cause and work on it, gaining weight will become much easier and healthy.

The easiest way to gain weight is to consume weight gain commercial products. But are they healthy? Do they have any side effects? How much should I consume? These are the common queries people have. Commercial products if taken without supervision have loads of side effects on muscles, kidney and liver. So it’s best to go organic and natural way. As Bhagvad Geeta quotes “choosing right over pleasant is a sign of power”.

More information on Protein supplement is present in our article  all about protein supplements.

A quick change in body weight be it gain or loss, is never healthy for the body. Starving to lose weight quickly or eating excessive calories for quick weight gain, both are harmful for your health. Give sufficient time to your body to adjust to the healthy weight change.

Step 2 

Formulating Dietary changes in your current Diet

  • Eat often:

    Eat five to six small energy packed meals a day. This doesn’t mean eat junk food and sugars. Eat lots of protein and carbs for a healthy weight and avoid fat deposits. You can snack on nuts, peanut butter, cheese, dried fruits, protein bars, snack or granola bars etc. Have smoothies or shakes made with low-fat milk or juice.

    • Consume generous amounts of healthy fats:

      Eat whole egg with yolk, meat, coconut oil, olive oil. Include dry fruits in your daily diet. Cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, raisins and dates are all healthy fat options. These foods are calorie dense and high in nutrient values too.

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      These foods are not just rich in fats but also in other nutrients. Eggs are rich in B complex, A, D and E vitamins. Coconut oil is rich in Mono unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Dry fruits and nuts are rich in minerals and vitamins.

      Please keep in mind, anything in excess is not good. Take a professional help before overdoing on fat intake. Avoid any junk high fat fried or bakery foods as it has more side effects than just weight gain.

      • Protein rich diet:

        Proteins are building blocks of the body. They are required for the muscle build up and wear and tear of the cells. Recommended allowance for weight gain is 1gm protein/ kg body weight. Increase protein rich foods like dals, sprouts, egg, chicken, fish, soya bean, milk and products, nuts and oil seeds.

        As Indians, our diets are rich in carbohydrates. Thus, a protein accompaniment is must with each and every meal. Try to couple your meal with curd/ buttermilk or paneer, or cheese, egg or chicken, fish, soya bean.

      • High carb meals:High carbohydrate content is required for better utilization of the proteins in the diet. Carbohydrates provide the required excess calories and energy for heavy workouts.Select complex carbohydrates like whole grain cereals, millets, oats, whole fruits and vegetables. At least 5 – 6 servings of various fruits and vegetables give the required fiber and nutrients. Fruits like banana, custard apple, mango, chickoo are power packed with calorie. These fruits also aid in natural weight gain.
        •  Increase water intake:With increase in protein intake, one must consume more water. Protein molecules combine with water and give the tensile strength to the muscles. Water detoxifies the body from free radicals. It also helps to reduce soreness post workouts. Water neutralises the body pH and keeps it healthy. Check out how to make water tasty. Read – Top recipes of Infused water .
        • Nutrient supplements:It has to be included only if it is required. In case of any deficiency a professional can recommend appropriate nutrient supplement.
        • Step 3

          Workout to gain weight:

          Now you know of  How to become fat with Indian diet. But One more important point that cant be overlooked while wanting to gain weight is to do strength training. To put on lean mass one needs heavy weight training. The latest trend is cross training. The routine includes compound lifts: Squats, dead lifts, presses (bench and overhead), pull-ups, rows, dips, snatches, power cleans, clean and jerks. These engage multiple muscles while triggering hormonal response to tone muscles.

          Simple exercises like jogging, running, cycling or rope skipping too helps in healthyweight gain.

          Yoga helps in curing underlying physical and mental problems which might be the hindrance in gaining healthy weight. After illness the body is not fit enough to bear heavy exercising. Thus, yoga is the wisest options.

          Here are a few more tips on how to gain weight ?