Common Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes a

Diabetes Myths Busted

Diabetes : Here are some Myths About It which are not to be believed at all.

Fat people will end up having Diabetic– Although Obese people are at risk, but it is not for sure that they will definitely be diagnosed with Diabetes.

Eating too much Sweets/Sugar- Diabetes bEating too much sweet or sugar does not cause it, but is diagnosed when your body does not produce enough Insulin or when your cells stop reacting to Insulin.

Diabetic Patients can’t eat normal food- They can very much eat normal food like others. They just need to take proper medication, follow doctor’s advice and try not to eat much sugar or sweet.

It is only Genetic- It is genetic, but that doesn’t mean you are safe. If diabetes runs in your family you are at risk, but if it doesn’t then also you can be diagnosed with it. Keep a check.

Only Obese people are at risk-Diabetes d Obese people are at higher risk, that doesn’t mean that slim people can’t be diagnosed with it.

Diabetes must not be taken seriously- It is a serious problem which can lead to death. If diabetes is left un-diagnosed and untreated, it can lead to heart & kidney diseases, nerve damage and even death.

Diabetes is Contagious- It might be genetic but not contagious at all. There is not even 1% chance getting transmitted to another person.

Myths can be dangerous for anyone, be it a diabetic person or a normal. Do research, read articles, consult your doctor before trsting myths and rumours.