🤔 Refreshing Our Skincare Routine:


Revealing Ro and Fel’s current off-duty routine! Have they been more minimalistic, or a little extravagant lately? Well, some of the brands we’ll be chatting about include Beauty of Joseon, The INKEY List, Fresh, Versed, Biossance & Allies of Skin, to name a few!

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0:00​ Intro
1:42​ Fresh Cleansing Treatment
2:46​ Versed Cleanser
3:53​ Peach & Lily Mist
5:33​ Sioris Rose Mist
6:33​ Krave Beauty Serum
7:34​ Biossance Vitamin C Serum
8:32​ Allies of Skin Booster
9:27​ Cle Cosmetics Vitamin C
10:53​ Sioris Essener
11:54​ Biossance Lactic Acid Serum
12:40​ Biossance Repair Cream
14:06​ Make P:rem Moisture Cream
15:11​ Beauty of Joseon Cream
16:38​ Sekkisei Souffle
17:40​ Go-To Face Hero
18:40​ Josie Maran Body Serum
19:49​ Toun28 Lotion
21:09​ Aveeno Lotion
21:26​ Moremo Hair Tonic
22:37​ Inkey List Scalp Treatment
23:43​ What Felili & Rowewe learned this week


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