10 Proven Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may be tiny, but they are a superfood that packs a lot of punch. The cute and tiny chia seeds are offering numerous health benefits for human’s body. Coming from mint family flowering plant, chia seeds are becoming popular due to its fiber and omega-3 fats contained that are highly required by human. Adding chia seeds to your daily meals will boost your energy and help you cut down your fat.

# Feeling Fullness

Snacking is one of the reasons of obesity. It is so hard to avoid snacking especially at night when you are craving of unhealthy foods. This is why chia seeds are very helpful in helping your diet program, remember it is only helping not reducing your weight at all, by giving you the fullness in your belly. The fiber in chia seeds can turn to gel when it gets contact with water. It happens in your stomach it is expanding making you feeling full and preventing you from craving of more snacks. May be this is why chi seeds are called helpful in losing weight because they are great in controlling your craving habit. Not only fiber, tryptophan can be also found in chia seeds and this is nice for controlling your appetite while making your mood better.

# Increasing Good Cholesterol (HDL)

You have good cholesterol in your body that should be increased, but some people have higher bad cholesterol making their risks in experiencing dangerous diseases bigger. Chia foods are great in increasing the level of HDL or the good cholesterol in your body and it can be a solution for your diet.

# Stabilizing Blood Sugar

Insulin resistance is dangerous for your health, but consuming chia seeds can decrease. Too much insulin in your blood is not good for your blood sugar level, so you need to stabilize it by eating the right food. Not only harmful, but insulin resistance is also influence the added of fat in your belly, which must be annoying.

# Strengthening Bones and Teeth

As calcium and phosphorus are some of the mineral types that can be found in chia seeds, they are automatically give a great impact to your teeth and bones. This is good to prevent osteoporosis from happening earlier by eating healthy, organic foods like this. The amount of phosphorus in the seeds is even reaching 27 percent of your body required. Manganese is also available in chia seeds in a quite high amount, with only one serving can provide 28 grams of this nutrient to improve the health of your bones.

# Improving Heart Health

With the increasing of HDL or good cholesterol in your body, your heart health can be automatically maintained. So if you are afraid of the health of your heart, you can try including chia seeds in your daily meals.

# Easy Digestion

If you usually ground flax seeds before eating them, you don’t need to do that to consume chia seeds. You can simply sprinkle them in your salad and done. There is no need to spend a lot of time and energy grounding your chia seeds.

# Improving Metabolic Health

Cholesterol and high blood pressure are dangerous for your health, but eating chia seeds with the content of omega-3, protein and fiber can help to lower the level of LDL and raise the HDL. However, this should be helped with other healthy foods because only chia seeds can’t help much with high blood pressure. Reducing the risks is possible using chia seeds, but treating or healing the disease might not be possible without the help of other medicines or foods. Some studies even showed that there is no effect in using chia seeds for lowering blood pressure or cholesterol, so again don’t depend on it.

# Treating Types 2 Diabetes

Diabetes type 2 symptoms can be reduced by consuming certain amount of chia seeds. It has been proven with a study. There are 20 patients with diabetes consuming chia seeds in 37 grams for 12 weeks and there are some improvements in the symptoms such as lower blood pressure. The blood sugar is also slightly gone down too, although it is not really significant, but it still helps. Considering chia seeds are packed with fiber, they should be great for lowering blood sugar. However, this still needs a research or study to prove. It is useful for treating diabetes because chia seeds are able to make your digestion slower. Long term effects of type 2 diabetes in the body is very dengerous, so preventing is the best options.

# Easy to Use

What is meant by flexible here is chia seeds can be added to many kinds of foods and beverages without changing the taste. It is nutty, but bland. It doesn’t give a significantly different taste in the foods it is added. If you include this in your diet, that would be quite easy. Just mix them with your juice, smoothies or sprinkle to your yogurt or porridges and eat them. Making cupcakes with chia seeds can be a great idea too. Your pasta sauce can be also added with chia seeds to make it thicker as they are good in absorbing water. Getting too much of chia seeds will make your digestive system work better especially if you are not used in getting too much fiber. One tablespoon is enough for regular daily intake or one and a half if you think you need more than that.

# Boosting Energy

When you eat something especially in the morning to start your day, your main purpose is probably to boost your energy to get all your activities done properly. Adding chia seeds to your breakfast can be a nice idea as they contain vitamins B, thiamine and niacin, which can turn the foods in your body into energy. They are also good nutrition for nervous system and brain.


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