11 Reasons Why Drinking Coconut Water Is Healthy!

Coconut Water

Coconut water has grown in popularity over the past few years, but this beverage dubbed ‘nature’s sports drink’ has been around for centuries. Packed with electrolytes and flavor, coconut water is the clear liquid found inside young coconuts and has a slew of health benefits. It differs from coconut milk, which has a creamy white hue and incorporates the actual coconut flesh. Here’s everything you need to know about the tropical drink, including nutrition facts and health benefits.

Not only this is low in calorie and is free of cholesterol and fat, coconut water is also said to be higher in potassium than bananas. It is awesome how bananas are known to be the best source of potassium, but in fact coconut water contains higher amount of potassium compared to four bananas. So if you are lacking of potassium, why don’t you try to drink coconut water to get away your thirst while giving more potassium to your body?

* Rehydrating

As has been said before, coconut water is amazing in rehydrating your body. It doesn’t have to be about doing exercises, but whenever you are feeling thirsty and feeling hydrated, just drink coconut water and feel the difference. moreover, the electrolytes contained in this natural water is even great in addressing hydration caused by vomiting or diarrhea. Those who are experiencing of fluids lost because of certain diseases can use this water to lift the energy in their bodies. Drinking coconut water will not make your stomach feel uneasy as it is also used for soothing some stomach problems.

* Protecting Heart

Heart diseases mostly caused by the high level of back cholesterol and the low level of good cholesterol. Cholesterol is indeed required by your body, but only the good one. if the bad cholesterol is higher, heart disease can happen. Drinking coconut water can keep the bad cholesterol low and the good cholesterol increasing. Coconut water can cut down the amount of plaque on the arteries making your blood flows properly preventing strokes and heart diseases.

* Lowering Blood Pressure

Since it is rich in potassium, coconut water is excellent in preventing high blood pressure. Potassium is known to be helpful in controlling blood pressure, keeping it normal. However, you need to go with the natural coconut water, not the processed ones because they contain sodium and this is not good for your blood. So if you are experiencing high blood pressure or hypertension, you can drink fresh coconut water as one of the treatments to keep it low and normal.

* Reducing Weight

Coconut water is light and clear. It looks like water with a little bit different color and completely different taste. Also, this is low in calories, which means dieters can take this water in their daily menus. Drinking coconut water doesn’t lead to any stomach problems. It can even boost your immune and helping your digestion system to work better with the bioactive enzymes contained in the water. Again, potassium is great in reducing your weight since it can balance the amount of sodium in your blood. High in sodium can add more weight to your body and coconut water can flush the sodium out. Drink it properly about three to four times in a week in 8-ounce as the maximum amount per intake. Never drink too much coconut water because the calories can be buildup in your body. This is just a good way to flush out the toxin and sodium from your body, so drink it properly.

* Balancing pH Levels

The feeling of weakness and fatigue might be caused by the acidic pH levels in your body. Eating too much processed foods and getting too much stress can be some factors leading to this condition. In this case, your body can be hard to absorb the required minerals and vitamins and that is why your energy is decreasing as well. Acidic pH also contributes some dangerous illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and many others. Drinking coconut water can neutralize the acidic pH by restoring the healthy one. this is an easy method to get back your energy and metabolism.

* Treating Headaches

When your headache is caused by dehydration, coconut drink is a natural reliever since it provides electrolytes and magnesium. Especially for migraines, magnesium is required because one of the causes of migraines is lacking of magnesium. By drinking coconut water you can supply your body with magnesium for relieving migraines and preventing it from happening.

* Natural Diuretic

Drinking coconut water can flush your body from toxins, which means your urine production can be better. As a result, certain disease related with urinary problems such as kidney stones can be prevented as your body is properly flushed out. Potassium and antibacterial properties can prevent infections and other causes of diuretic problems. You can add sea salt to your coconut water, just a pinch of it, to make it more effective for diuretic. Drink it twice a day, but make sure that you are free of any dysfunctional kidney problems. Coconut water is not good for those with kidney problems or those with high potassium in their body, so check your condition first.

* Regulating Blood Sugar

people with diabetes can drink coconut water as one of the treatments. Amino acids in this natural water can improve the sensitivity of insulin in your body while controlling the blood sugar level. Also, since most people with diabetes is experiencing obesity, coconut water can be helpful in reducing their weights too. This cant be the medicine, but it can be included as a natural treatment for reducing some diabetes symptoms.

* Facilitating Digestion

Not only packed with magnesium potassium vitamin C and amino acids, coconut water is also containing fiber, which is great in digestion. Drink a glass of coconut water can be helpful in addressing your digestion problem or preventing such problem happens.

* Nutrients Richness

There are five important electrolytes your body needs the supply and all of them can be found in coconut water, they are potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus. This is why people with different conditions and problems can drink coconut water due to the full-package of electrolytes provided. However, some medical conditions are not allowed to drink this natural water because they might already had too much of those electrolytes.

* Electrolytes Replacement

As electrolyte is the most beneficial nutrient contained in coconut water, replacing the lost electrolyte from your body by drinking it is quite effective. When you drink coconut water for rehydrating your body, you can drink it more than you can drink water or sports drinks because it doesn’t generate fullness in your stomach. You can use this for casual exercises to replace the electrolytes in your body.


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