12 Minute Core Conditioning | Yoga With Adriene


Two words, FLOOR CORE. Take 12 minutes to build connection to center while strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles. This is not a yoga practice but this session offers a short and effective training session for those looking to strengthen all areas of the core – abdominals, low-back muscles, intercostals, and obliques.
Improve back health, reduce back pain, and improve core-oriented yoga poses with this fun floor practice!

Return to this session regularly to build strength and progress. Find joy in your process!

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section below!

0:55 quick tune in with breath
1:33 warm-up, activating lower abs
1:44 incorporate nose to knees with bicycles
2:09 scissor legs
2:39 hip circles, low back muscle release
3:12 toe taps – targeting lower abs
3:43 add lifting head & neck off the mat
4:25 forward fold with roll downs
6:52 scissor legs – targeting transverse abs
7:16 add lifting the head & neck, full core power!
7:53 hug knees to chest and rock side to side, rest
8:13 alternate sit up with ankle grabs, you got this!
9:42 twisting bicycle legs, oblique party
10:42 hug knees into chest and rock side to side
10:54 cactus arm spinal twists, restore
11:35 rock up to a seat, you’re done!

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