20 Exercise | 20 Min Full Body Workout At Home


A killer little 20 exercise , 20 Min Full Body Workout At Home No Repeat workout for you today guys. So with the actual 20 exercises we don’t repeat any of them. But I wanted to make this workout even more challenging with even less rest time

So in between our 20 exercises , we are also going to be hitting 3 squat jumps before getting our rest. Essentially making the rest time between sets even smaller. Each exercise will be performed for 35 secs with 20 secs rest

But with our 3 squat jumps it won’t feel like 20 secs rest

It’s going to be tough , intense and fast paced so be ready for that. The transitions are also going to be high paced. But that is the aim of the game here.

To push hard and make the maximum of those 20 minutes for one killer workout

You will need just a couple of dumbbells and your bodyweight for this one.

Again like with any workout. You want to make this one tougher, you can try and up the weights on certain exercises. But even with lighter weights , this is still going to burn

So grab your dumbbells and let’s do this 💪


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