20 Min Full Body Workout Routine for Beginners


20 Minutes Full Body Daily Workout Routine for men and women that you can do at home.

This is a 20 minute beginner’s full body workout routine for both men and women that you can do with minimum equipment at home. Of course, the gyms have now been open but how really safe are they is questionable. But not to worry. Having doing this workout myself from the last 3 months, I assure that it can definitely replace your workout in the gym. It will not just help you build muscle and lose that extra fat but also will bring about true shape of your body. I have designed this workout in the form of 4 circuits of 4 minutes each tapping almost every major muscle group. Follow along.

00:44​ – CIRCUIT 1 – Full Body Stretch and Warm up. It includes 8 exercises. Each exercise for 20 seconds along with10 seconds of rest. The aim is to get the blood pumping and prepare your body for the 3 upcoming circuits.

04:44​ – CIRCUIT 1 ends. Take rest for 30 seconds. Do some deep breathing. Sip some water if you want to.

04:55​ – CIRCUIT 2 starts. It is a set of 8 exercises focussing on strength training. Again 20 seconds of work and then 10 seconds of rest. If you are a complete beginner, do not worry. I will showcasing beginner moves alongside.

09:07​ – CIRCUIT 2 ends. Take rest for 30 seconds.

09:16​ – CIRCUIT 3 starts. It is a set of 7 exercises each for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest. The focus is on arms, shoulders, biceps and back. It involves the use of dumbbells. Although, if you do not have dumbbells, no problem, use 2 filled water bottles instead. You dumbbell weights that you are comfortable with.

14:04​ – CIRCUIT 3 ends. Take rest for 30 seconds. Breathe in and breathe out deeply preparing your body for the final circuit.

14:15​ – CIRCUIT 4 starts. This circuit is focussed on the core, the abdominal muscles. The abs exercises are easy but effective.

18:24​ – CIRCUIT 4 ends. You have killed the full body workout. Well done.

18:25​ – Cool down.


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