3 Worst Types of Alcohol for Weight Loss

Alcohol for Weight Loss

3 Worst Types of Alcohol for Weight Loss
1. Sugary Cocktails (500 Calories per 8 oz Serving)
Fancy mixed drinks might sound good, but they’re often loaded with calories. A Long Island Iced Tea, for example, will set you back about 500 calories in one 8 oz glass, according to the Cleveland Clinic. That’s more calories than you’ll find in a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

2. Frozen Beach Drinks (280 Calories per 5 oz Serving)
A sunny beach day calls you toward strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas — but watch out if slimming down your waistline is your goal. According to the Cleveland Clinic, both daiquiris and piña coladas have about 280 calories per 5 oz serving.

3. Craft Beer (170 Calories per 12 oz Serving)
A 12-ounce craft beer runs about 170 calories (or more), according to MedlinePlus. The reason for this difference when compared with commercial beers is they often have extra ingredients and carbs that amp up their flavor. Additionally, these beers tend to have higher alcohol content than widely distributed store-bought beers, and more alcohol means more calories.

An Alternative to Booze for Anyone Looking to Lose Weight
Keep in mind: Mocktails are always an option. Going liquor-free is the ultimate way to cut back on alcohol calories. But you’ll still need to keep an eye on what’s going into the mocktails and choose a low-, or better yet, no-calorie water or sparkling water drink with lime, Kostro Miller suggests. If you do choose to drink alcohol on a given night, she says it’s a good idea to alternate between an alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink to keep your calorie intake in check. “This will spread out the calories from alcohol and keep you hydrated,” she says.


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