30 Awesome Kitchen Tips and | Indian Kitchen Hacks!


Kitchen Tips mentioned with time stamps:
0:30​ Lemon in bhindhi removes slimyness
1:03​ How to Prevent Kadhi from Splitting?
1:38​ Storing herbs and greens in fridge for longer
2:23​ How to keep green chutney green
3:03​ Baking soda in a jar to deoderize your fridge
3:45​ Peeling labels
4:14​ How to avoid over flowing while pressure cooking
4:48​ Make double rotis and cut roti making time in half
5:33​ How to clean oil kadhai with baking soda and steel wool
6:22​ Keep insects out of food
6:47​ Adding Baking soda to your Beans and Pulses
7:40​ Store produce in Mesh bags
8:15​ Use Lemons for Green cleaning
9:08​ Best way to mince garlic
9:53​ Kneed dough with milk
10:09​ Make healthy pizza crust at home
10:55​ Make colourful Parathas for your family
11:23​ Prevent milk or chai from spilling
12:20​ Prevent Puris from absorbing too much oil
12:46​ Grind Salt to keep Blades sharp
12:57​ Caramelising Onions
13:14​ Storing Bananas with other fruits
13:40​ Peeling garlic
14:04​ Flavour Paneer dish
14:20​ Jeera water
14:47​ Rice Kheer
15:04​ Do not reuse frying oil
15:26​ Prevent Ice build up in Freezer
15:39​ Clean your fruits organic way
16:05​ Quick way to soften butter

Hi Guys,
Hope you all are enjoying watching Mom N Me videos. Here is another addition to Mom N Me playlist. Its must know kitchen tips, tricks and hacks for Indian kitchens that I believe we all should know. It will save time and energy in the kitchen for sure.
Hope you like the video.

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