5 Indian Superfoods You Must Eat ft. @Abhi and Niyu


The Amazing SuperFoods of India that You should start eating regularly. Indian local superfoods that you should make a part of your diet. 5 Superfoods of India. Indian local superfoods.

A food becomes super when it has plethora of benefits, versatile uses and suits almost all body types. No, I am talking about some rare exotic fruits but are very own local produce which is very easily accessible and are also pocket friendly. Besides weight loss, these foods will provide you skin cleanse, robust digestion and optimum strength naturally. I will also share with you when and how to consume them so that you can derive max out of these superfoods. I make it a point to include these foods in my diet and I firmly believe you should too. The #1 is my all time favourite.

02:09​​ – #5 Superfood of India. The diet of a horse, this Indian superfood is very versatile and is among the most strength giving foods on the planet.
04:02​​ – #4 Superfood of India. Among the nuts, this humble superfood has always had a bad rep.But it has some amazing benefits.
05:30​​ – #3 Superfood of India. This tree is an excellent pharmacy in itself. Not just the fruit, but its rind, flowers and leaves all find an elaborate mention in Ayurvedic texts for their versatile uses.
06:59​​ – #2 Superfood of India. The quintessential summer vegetable, this superfood is light on the stomach and high on nutrition.
08:28​​ – Dishonourable Mentions. This section include foods which are not super but marketing makes us believe so.
08:51​​ – #1 Superfood of India. It is my all time favourite. And why not? India’s soil is indeed blessed which is why it is the largest producer of this Superfood in the world.


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