5-Minute Express Full-Body Barre Workout!

Full-Body Barre Workout

This quick-but-mighty barre class comes from Sweat app instructor Britany Williams. “What I love about this class is that it’s full-body,” she says. “We’re going to work the arms, the legs, and the core all in five minutes.”

The short time commitment, plus the fact that all of the exercises use just your body weight, means it’s easy to knock out no matter where you are. “It’s a great workout to do before work or on your lunch break or any time you’re short on time,” says Williams, who is also a NASM-certified personal trainer and an International Ballet Barre Fitness Association–certified barre instructor. It’s not necessary, but if you have an exercise mat handy, use it to make the workout more comfortable.

You’ll start in the plank position, which will activate all of your major muscle groups. Next, Williams will guide you through movements that target the glutes and triceps, arms, and upper and lower sections of your abs. Then, you’ll repeat the same movements on the opposite side of the body. If you find the moves too difficult, Williams offers modifications. And, if you’re looking for more of a challenge, Williams suggests repeating the class for a second round.


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