6 MIN EVERYDAY STRETCH – for stiff muscles, flexibility & after your workout I Pamela Reif


a quick routine for every day ♥︎ it works perfectly as a cool down after ANY kind of workout! But of course, you can also do this in an office break, simply to relax, before bed or in the morning / Werbung

We stretch our entire body! 6min = 12 exercises. Short but beneficial 🙂
– legs, hips & butt
– tummy
– back & chest
– spine

I learned to love stretching sooooo much! I remember, about 6 months ago I definitely didn’t stretch enough. This also impacted by training, since my muscles were feeling stiff and sore for longer, I started getting pain in my knees, etc.
Now, I really look forward to a short stretch after a session. It’s so relaxing, the music calms me down and you will quickly see improvements 🙂

Let’s calm down & give our bodies some love in a different kind of way.


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