7 Days 7 Detox Water For Weight Loss


WATER the driving force of nature & good health, it’s soo easily available that sometimes we forget the importance of it. Try this Simple recipe with water & citrus / fruits, not just to detox during summer but has great benefits for glowing complexion.
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0:00​ Intro
0:09​ Cucumber Mint Detox Water
0:44​ Watermelon Mint Detox Water
1:18​ Orange Blueberries Detox Water
1:52​ Strawberry Blackberries Detox Water
2:23​ Ginger Mint Lemon Detox Water
3:00​ Apple Cinnamon Detox Water
3:34​ Pineapple Orange Mint Detox Water
4:14​ Social Media Information


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