Allu Aravind Is Covid (+) Even After The 2nd Dose!

Allu Aravind

Ace Tollywood producer Allu Aravind is diagnosed with Covid positive even after receiving the the second dose of vaccine. This is the first celebrity case in this connection.

Sources also say that director Trivikram Srinivas also was diagnosed Covid positive after taking the first dose of the vaccine, but tested negative within few days.

When inquired about this, a health expert said, “As per our observation so far, those who get symptoms like fever or weakness after taking the vaccine are generally developing antibodies against Covid. But some of those who experience no symptoms at all may not develop the antibodies which means the vaccine didn’t work. But still this is not the hard and fast rule. Vaccines are generally working well for many but may not be showing required impact on a few. It is too early to come to conclusion about the effectiveness of the vaccine on the overall population”.

Another health expert said a few days ago, “Vaccination cannot bet the one time activity. It should be given at regular intervals for multiple times for the entire population to develop perfect resistance to the Covid-19”.

In fact, there are possibilities for seeing false positives as well. Allu Aravind can be re-tested for the same.

While, the entire world is seeing light at the end of the tunnel with the onset of vaccine, some news like this is implying that there is long way to run to get out of the tunnel.


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