Ayurvedic Diet Plan for Extreme Fat Loss (Healthy & Effective)


Ayurvedic Extreme Fat Loss Diet to lose fat rapidly in 6 weeks. How to lose weight fast. How to rapidly lose fat using Ayurvedic 6 weeks extreme fat loss diet.

If you have tried everything but that extra fat won’t budge an inch then this is the video for you. The purpose of making this video is to show you how you can cut the extra fat from the body using the powerful techniques of ancient Indian nutritional science. This is an extreme diet to rapidly lose weight in the short period of 6 weeks and is not meant to be followed as a lifestyle. So do not expect this diet to be a cakewalk and I recommend that you follow it only if you are serious about fat loss.

00:12​ – The root cause of fat accumulation in the body as per Ayurveda
00:54​ – Wake up and first thing in the morning, do this to promote fat loss.
01:16​ – How to heat copper charged water
01:31​ – After you are up and fresh, do 15 minutes yoga to increase basal metabolic rate.
01:56​ – After doing yoga, drink this powerful kapha reducing drink to tap the root cause of weight gain
03:06​ – Breakfast options for extreme fat loss. Consume something light yet super nutritious.
04:04​ – 1 hour after breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch, make sure to drink this for fat loss
04:17​ – Lunch options for extreme fat loss.
04:38​ – Foods to avoid in this Ayurvedic extreme fat loss diet
05:06​ – Again, 1 hour after lunch and 30 minutes before evening snack have this for effective fat loss
05:20​ – Evening Snack for extreme fat loss
06:03​ – Dinner options for extreme fat loss


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