Ayurvedic Ear Oil | How To Do Ear Oiling | Ayurvedic Herbs


Ayurvedic Ear Oil | How To Do Ear Oiling | Ayurvedic Herbs
Ayurvedic Ear Oil has been used for thousands of years to support the health and function of the ears. Ayurvedic herbs are infused in a base of olive and sesame oil and administered to the ears. Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Alicia Lynn Diaz, shares two ways to do it, each with its own benefits.

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This ear oil practice can be done as a part of your daily routine to promote comfort in the neck and jaw muscles and help the body produce and maintain a healthy amount of earwax.

❀ Warm the Ear Oil to body temperature
❀ Place 1-2 drops on your pinky finger or a piece of cotton
❀ Gently lubricate the ear passages.
❀ Or, tilt your head and place 1–2 drops in each ear, then gently massage it in.

This is a deeper ear oil practice in which the ears are filled with warm oil for a limited amount of time. It provides a deeply grounding and soothing effect. It is generally recommended monthly or as directed by an Ayurvedic practitioner.

❀ Warm the oil to body temperature
❀ Lay down on one side with a towel beneath your head
❀ Place a washcloth near your ear in case the oil spills
❀ Fill the ear with 3-6 drops of oil and relax for 10 minutes
❀ Then, slowly tilt your head to pour out the oil onto your washcloth
❀ Remove the towels, roll over, and repeat on the other side

Don’t use Ear Oil in a perforated ear drum, with an infection, or in conditions when your ears would be wet or filled with water. If you have an unusually high amount of earwax that causes discomfort, we recommend you first consult a practitioner.

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