Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil Recipe


Ayurveda is a blessed science of the ancient world which has given us the divine knowledge of herbs and plants around us to improve on our life and make it better. So we will use this science today to make our Herbal Hair Oil Recipe

In the olden days of our grandmothers and great grandmother’s had this knowledge on their fingertips and they very well incorporated that abundance of knowledge in daily lifestyle.

One of such treasure today I will be sharing with you and I can’t tell you how proud I am about this. Today I will be sharing with you Herbal Hair Oil Recipe which was passed down to me by my grandmother to my mother and then she passed it down to me.

When I was young and naive my mother every week use to make me sit down in front of her and warm up some oil to give a good champi ( head massage ). I am sure kids from the ’80s will know what use to happen on those school holidays every week. It was a kind of ritual for everyone in the family

I had this flowy thick hair which was till my hips and maybe beyond. Dark black like the new moon night. So thick that sometimes my mother’s hand use to pain when she braided my so long and thick hair.

Then I graduated from high school and went on to Kolkata to study Bachelors in Hotel Management. I was staying in a hostel back then. Everything around me was new and exciting. It was so much fun to meet so many new people. Learn new culture and eat totally different food than what I was use to.

Life happened to me too I was changing in many ways that I don’t even know off. Those were the times when it was so important to look nice all the time. I stopped oiling my hair because suddenly it was not “COOL” anymore. I used everything that my friends suggested me because I want them to like me.

Ohhhh God ! I was so wrong.

Three years passed and I started noticing change in my hair. There was tremendous hair fall every time I combed my hair. My hair suddenly started changing its texture and became more and more dry.

One fine day when I was taking head bath I suddenly started crying because OMG !!! there was such a big bundle of hair in the shower.

So the next time I meet my mother I was literally crying for help. She as sweet she always is took that bottle of hair oil hidden in the dark cupboard and started warming it up. She had put on some old Hindi movie songs and started giving me Champi. I was back to school again. I cant tell you how much tears rolled my eyes that day. Sitting infront of mummy and her loving hands caressing my hair giving all the love that I had missed during my years away.


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