Ayurvedic Immunity Remedy


Join us in the Sattva Kitchen to see how we make our super-immune boosting Ayurvedic Kadha Tea! Kadha Tea is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe of crushed herbs and spices that continues to be consumed throughout India for its numerous health benefits.

This relaxing blend strengthens gut health, reduces inflammation in the body, decreases body temperature (especially beneficial during those hot summer months), and adds an extra glow to the skin from its detoxification effects. In addition to the health benefits, Kadha tea is especially delicious!

Ingredients: ginger, turmeric, black pepper, carom seeds, cinnamon, clove, green cardamom, bay leaf & black cardamom.

In this video kitchen manager Chamoli ji demonstrates how to prepare Kadha, bringing this incredible Ayurvedic recipe to life so you can learn how to make it in your own home!


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