Ayurvedic Remedies for Wrinkles on the Face – By Panditha Elchuri


Instead of using chemical wrinkle cream, try this natural remedy, which is good for your skin. This remedy has two parts, one is for taking in and one for applying on face.


Golden eye-grass, Kali musli / Curculigo orchioides / Talamuli (तालमुली) / Kali musli (काली मुस्लि) / Nelathadi (నేలతాడి) roots powder – 250 g
Candy sugar / misthri – 125 g
Collect the roots of kali musli, dry them, and powder them. Take half of this powder, add candy sugar to it, and store in a glass bottle. Rest of the half should be used as a facial

Take half spoon of above mix and chew it twice a day and drink a cup of milk. For the facial part, take required quantity of kali musli powder, add some milk, and make paste. Apply this paste on wrinkles. When it dries completely, clean it off with water. Do this morning or evening.