Ayurvedic Remedy for Asthma – By Panditha Elchuri


Ayurvedic Remedy for Asthma – By Panditha Elchuri

Following is the remedy for asthma to be following along with yogic management, which was already posted. Follow them alongside and post your experience in the comments section below.


  • Arjuna / Terminalia arjuna / Kakubha, Partha, Shwetavaaha (ककुभ, पार्था , श्वेथवह) / Arjuna (अर्जुन) / Tella maddhi (తెల్ల మద్ది) bark powder
  • Cow milk
  • Aged unpolished rice
  • Candy sugar / misthri

Collect the bark of Arjuna tree, dry it in shade, and powder it.

On a full-moon day, put the patient on fast. Give him lukewarm water if needed. In the evening, using milk, rice, and candy sugar, prepare kheer and put it under moon, so that the moon rays pass into it. Keep it under moon until next day 4 a.m. and add a spoon of Arjuna powder to it. Give it to the patient to eat. Then, the patient needs to be awake till the 4 p.m.

Do the same on the next full moon for another two months. This will cure the asthma.

Also, cut the chakkarakeli bananas into small pieces and take them into a bowl. Fill this bowl with 7-times-filtered desi cow urine. Mix this well and eat it in the early morning on an empty stomach. Do this daily for 20-40 days.