Black Fungus Even Without Steroids Is On Rise

Black Fungus

Black Fungus is the dreadful disease that is spreading wide among the post Covid patients. All these days, it is observed and concluded that this fungus is attacking the patients who are on high dose steroids and antibiotics simultaneously.

It was also inferred that it has been high among the diabetic patients who undergo such treatments.

But, shockingly it is spreading among the post Covid patients who got rid off the disease merely with home isolation and no steroid treatment.

Dr Samir Shah, the surgeon said, “It is been observed that mucormycosis is on the rise in post covid patients.

Recently two 25-30 age group patients with history of covid treated by home isolation and no history of taken steroid or given oxygen or did not have diabetes also suddenly developed this dreadful disease. The question how and where did it come from.

Once you get a viral infection your immunity goes down.

We have been wearing a mask, it may be N95 or a cotton mask, which is used multiple times. Once we wear it, due to the humidity in our breathing, it gets wet which we don’t feel. Then the mask is being used for 3-5 days, a perfect atmosphere for growth of fungus, which we breathe.

So all citizens whatever you have been using as a mask please wash it, change it or dry it under hot Sun.. so that no fungus grows on it. This is my personal suggestion and observation”.

On the other hand, “One of the most important reasons is uncontrolled diabetes, systemic use of steroids along with tocilizumab, patients on ventilation and taking supplemental oxygen. Within six weeks of Covid treatment if people have any of these factors they are at the highest risk of black fungus,” said Dr Chandra who also teaches neurosurgery at AIIMS.

So, one should wear a fresh sanitized mask every time and be highly cautious of washing it in hot water and Dettol every day. The patients whoever underwent treatment for Covid should be vigilant and track their diabetes twice a day.


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