Burning Body Fat For Weight Loss

Burning Body Fat

Want to start burning body fat for weight loss ? In this article, I will explain to you the best approach to calorie burning in order to achieve better weight  loss results. Let’s find out how you can start burning body fat for weight loss.

The human body is designed in a way that it can use carbs, fat or protein to derive energy. The body decides the source to use based on various factors like availability and type of activity, among other things. Particularly while exercising, the body does not choose to burn fat immediately. hence short duration exercises may not be very effective in burning body fat. Here is a short description of the way the human body uses two different sources energy.

Burning body fat for weight loss

Everything you eat is metabolized and simple sugars are formed in the body. These sugars satisfy the immediate energy requirements of the body. The excess simple carbs are then converted to glycogen and stored in the body. These glycogen stores are called upon when blood sugar begins depleting.

Stage 1

0 minutes to 15 minutes –  During this phase, the body uses simple sugar in the blood for its energy requirements. Those who eat a low carb diet have limited glycogen stores in the body. They may lack stamina and feel tired immediately.

Those who work out for short durations tend to burn only carbs and not really burn body fat for weight loss. This may help in maintaining the current weight but, not really in losing weight.

Stage 2

15 minutes to 30 minutes – As the training session progresses further,  the body shifts from using simple carbs to utilizing glycogen stores.In order to utilize these glycogen stores to the fullest, one must increase the intensity of workout. Once the glycogen stores are utilized the body turns towards burning body fat for weight loss.

Stage 3 – Burning body fat for weight loss

After 35  minutes of exercise, the body enters the fat burning zone. In this phase, the maximum calories burnt are derived from body fats. How much body fat you burn will depend on the training intensity. A lot of people either stop working out by this time or get tired and reduce the intensity, by doing yoga or other slow exercises. You will be at the losing end in such cases. Although weight loss will occur if you are following the energy deficit law, but you may not be burning body fat for weight loss.

Training Intensity and Burning body fat for weight loss

Training intensity is as important as training duration in deciding whether the body should be burning carbs or burning body fat for weight loss.

Recent research have suggested that a long-duration, moderate-intensity aerobic workout is much more effective for weight loss as compared to high intensity workout. In  these long duration exercises, the body utilizes its glycogen stores effectively and starts  burning body fat for weight loss.

During  high-intense training sessions such as interval running, the human body tends to prefer carbohydrates as the main source of energy as these may be easily accessed and used to fulfil energy needs during the exercise.


The human body uses its source of energy depending upon factors like workout intensity, workout durations, body types etc,. You will lose weight as long as you are successful in creating the required energy deficit.

The best way to lose weight is by using both energy sources, burning carbs as well as burning body fat for weight loss.

  • Increase training duration and intensity.
  • Alternate between a hard interval workout and a low cardio session
  • Develop good eating habits if you want to keep the weight off for life. No matter how much you push yourself on the treadmill, you can never compensate for bad eating habits. So here is how you can burn fat without getting fried