Cool down with savory lassi

Savory lassi

Cool down with savory lassi

Quench your thirst with this refreshing and excellent body cooler

Lassi is an Indian curd-based drink. This beverage is common across India throughout the year. It’s a must during any time of the day served chilled especially in summers. Generally a blend of curd, water salt, or sugar, it has many regional names like lassi, chaas, majjiga, lachi, taak, and buttermilk.

We have variants of buttermilk like salted (namkeen) and sweet (lassi). There is another variety with fruits like mango lassi, strawberry lassi, chocolate lassi, and dry fruit lassi and last but not the least, the very famous and delicious falooda.

Salted lassi has a few variants like mint-flavoured, ginger, and cumin. It is also flavoured with coriander leaves and pepper powder. Lassi a perfect summer drink and also benefits our health in numerous ways. It helps us to aid digestion, stomach problems, and is rich in probiotics, improves bone health, boosts immunity, and is also good for the skin. Lassi which has good bacteria ensures a healthy gut. The calming effect of lassi can prevent sunstrokes as well.

Apart from Lassi, many recipes can be made with curd like shrikhand and mishit doi and savoury recipes like dahi vada, khadi pakora, raita, and curd rice and is added in many curries as well as it is a good source of calcium. Curd is also used in many chaat like dahi poori, dahi papdi, dahi bhalla, etc.


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