Dark circles and remedies for sunken eyes


I used this on my DARK CIRCLES for 3 Days and results were SHOCKING| REMEDY-DARK CIRCLES,SUNKEN EYES
You have to use 1 pack from two options + 1 Serum from two options… If u have dark circles from last 1 month or so…you will definitely see visible results in JUST 3 DAYS🤗if it’s more than that…you can see results in few weeks. Have patience, take good sleep, stay hydrated and use this remedy. You will soon see best results
Serum no. 1 u can store in refrigerator for 10 days

Serum no.2 u can store at room temperature for 15 days and even more

Pack no. 1 u can use same pack for 4-5 days if ur storing it in refrigerator else u HV to make daily

Pack no.2 u have to store in refrigerator only…u can store and use for 15-20 days


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