Formula For 100% Protection From Covid-19

100% Protection

Vaccines are not giving 100% protection. No vaccine brand till now claimed that it can give complete protection from Covid-19. But how to achieve the 100% protection in the present scenario? A doctor has come up with his insights on this.

“Many people in India who are double vaccinated developed a carefree attitude. They might have taken the American call seriously and assumed that they need not wear face masks.

The situation is completely different in India. Here the second wave is still high. Due to the high density of population, almost everybody is unknowingly surrounded by at least one Covid positive person.

Double vaccine protects the body after the virus attack. But the double mask stops the entry of virus. The ports of entry for the virus are mainly the nose and the mouth. If they are perfectly shielded, the virus load can be reduced to the maximum from entering into the lungs.

Even if a bit breaks through, the antibodies generated by the vaccine will make the virus inactive within a few minutes.

But if the nose and the mouth are not shielded properly, no one can tell to what extent the virus load will manage to enter into the lungs and damage.

This double mask and double vaccine protocol has to be followed by everyone at least until the second wave becomes flat. This protocol will be potential enough to protect 100%. Once the wave subsides, the people may relax like the Americans”, said Dr Sudhanshu Malhotra who has been working on Covid patients.

“Just remember DVDM formula (Double Vaccine-Double Mask) and spread awareness”, he concluded.


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