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Healthy skin

If your answer is yes, chances are that you have sensitive skin.

Let’s understand sensitive skin better! However, always speak to your dermatologist to find out more about your sensitive skin


Your skin is your body’s shield, acting as a barrier against irritants, allergens and elements. Normal, healthy skin is made of a layer of lipids, which locks in moisture and helps keep skin soft and supple. If this layer of lipids is compromised, your skin can lose moisture and become dehydrated and dry .

Sensitivity occurs when the skin’s protective barrier function is compromised, causing the skin to become susceptible to external irritants, such as bacteria, chemical substances, allergens etc.

Sensitive skin could be defined as the occurrence of redness and/or abnormal stinging, burning and tingling sensations (occasionally pain or itch) in response to multiple factors. Dry sensitive skin often reacts unpredictably and can appear anywhere on the body .

DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN: How to recognize ?

Dry sensitive skin can occur on the face, lips, hands, body and scalp. Look for the below signs to identify sensitive skin.

Approximately 70% of the population consider themselves to possess the characteristics of sensitive skin, and 50% of these patients with sensitive skin demonstrate these uncomfortable symptoms without accompanying visible signs of inflammation .

DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN: What are the triggers

Skin can become sensitive for many reasons, and at any time in life. Knowing the triggers and avoiding them can be helpful

DRY & SENSITIVE SKIN: Importance of moisturization:

Proper skin hydration helps to recover and maintain the skin protection barrier. Moisturizers with few components, hypo-allergenic; fragrance-free without perfume and without substances that can irritate the skin are advisable (1). Moisturizers with physiological lipids such as ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids repair and restore the compromised skin barrier .

There are various moisturizers available in the market that cater to sensitive skin. One such moisturizer which is specifically formulated for dry & sensitive skin is GSK’s Physiogel Hypoallergenic range of moisturizers. It contains BIOMIMIC technology that mimics the structure and composition of the skin’s moisture barrier. It works naturally and gently with the skin’s moisture barrier making it stronger, smoother and visibly healthier . It contains no colourants, perfumes or preservatives and is non-comedogenic So, you don’t have to worry about getting an allergic reaction from this moisturizer, for sure. This product definitely meets all your moisturization needs for sensitive skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your sensitive skin all the love it deserves.


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