How To Get Big Arms Using Just Your Body Weight


Most men if not all believe that getting bigger arms means doing tricep pushdowns and dumbbell curls.

But here’s the thing: you can do just fine without those heavy weights if your goal is to get bigger, strong arms.

Plus, you’ll be giving your body and joints a much-needed break by doing so.

Have you ever thought of achieving your fitness goal with just your body weight?
Probably not.

Today, we’re here to prove to you that you can get real growth in your arms with just bodyweight exercises?

Are you up for the challenge then?

If so, then use these moves for the next few weeks and watch your arms grow.

These arm exercises include dips, pull-ups, and many more, and we will be providing more details on them in a short while so make sure to stick around.

1. Dips
Dips are an excellent exercise that builds your triceps, forearms, pecs, and shoulders.

When you get on a dip bar, make sure to keep your chest out, and lower yourself until your elbows make a 90-degree angle.

Once you reach the bottom, drive yourself back up.

To keep pressure off your neck, look at a spot on the ground a few feet in front of you.

Bend your knees and place your feet behind you to focus on the pecs.

Meanwhile, keep your legs extended and slightly point your toes in front of you to emphasize the triceps.

2. Diamond pushup
Otherwise known as the narrow-grip pushup, this pushup variation is perfect for getting bigger arms.

The key here is to hammer your triceps by setting your hands near each other during pushups.

A narrow grip reduces your chest leverage, so your triceps have no choice but to absorb more of the work.

Get into a pushup position with your hands only a few inches apart.

From there, lower yourself by keeping your elbows close to your sides.

You can also increase the intensity of this exercise by elevating your feet or wearing a weight vest.

Just make sure to warm up your arms before doing these.

3. Pullups
A weightlifter’s weakness is grip strength.

To get bigger arms, you must fix this issue.

Increasing how much you can hold will increase the muscle-building stimulus on your body.

Pull Ups are one of the best ways to develop vice-like strength in your forearms.

A towel pullup is specially made for this.

To start, wrap 2 towels around a pullup bar and grab the ends.

Next, squeeze your shoulder blades together then pull yourself up while leading with your chest.

4. Chin-up
An arm workout routine wouldn’t be complete without the classic chin-up.

The chin-up shifts more of the workload to your biceps, which makes it even better than the pullup for building your arms.

To perform a chin-up, grab a bar with your palms facing you.

Keeping your legs extended and your toes pointed, pull yourself slowly so your chin is above the bar.

Lower yourself back down gradually and under control.

What do you think about those exercises?


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