How to Increase Fetal Weight During Pregnancy


Once you find out that you are pregnant, it is important to pay heed to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle for the optimal growth and development of your unborn baby. Every mother wishes to have a healthy baby, and one of the parameters that help you know about your baby’s well-being is the fetal weight.

It’s common to try to figure out what to eat to increase baby weight during pregnancy. Watch this video for effective tips on how to increase fetal weight during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women will have their first ultrasound scan in the first trimester. Your radiologist will establish the fetal weight and gestational age. You will also be told about your EDD or estimated date of delivery.

The measurements made by the doctor may not be exact, but they will help your doctor establish the overall well-being of the fetus. This video will help you understand what to eat to increase fetal weight.

What To Eat To Increase Baby Weight During Pregnancy​ ,How to Increase Baby Weight During Pregnancy


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