Julie and the Phantoms HIIT DANCE WORKOUT


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DISCLAIMER: Please consult a physician before trying any new kind of physical activity. Not all workouts work for everyone. Always modify moves as you need to make them work for your body and the minute you start to feel any kind of pain (not the good kind) stop the workout and reassess. If at any point you start to feel light headed or dizzy, stop the workout right away. Take care of yourselves clowns! xx

Here is your playlist:
1. (Warm Up) “Wake Up”-Julie and the Phantoms
2. “Now or Never”-Julie and the Phantoms
3. “Finally Free”-Julie and the Phantoms
4. “I Got the Music”-Julie and the Phantoms
5. “The Other Side of Hollywood”-Julie and the Phantoms
6. “Edge of Great”-Julie and the Phantoms.

Apple Watch Series 6
Mode: High Intensity Interval Training
Calories that I burnt: 232

Sports Bra: Joe Fresh Activewear
Leggings: Lululemon
Shoes: Adidas Cloudfoam

DISCLAIMER: please don’t get in your head about how many calories I burnt compared to yours. I am also filming and doing things in between so that is why I burn a lot. This is to give people that don’t have a watch a kind of idea!!