Keep off Covid-linked negativity: Survivor

Ekendra Bista

Hyderabad: Make sure of medicine on time, exercise and then, most importantly, stay away from all the Covid-19 related negativity. These are the tips for a fast recovery from a Covid warrior who managed to fight and survive the second wave of the pandemic.

Ekendra Bista, 28, who works for a software company in the city, got the first symptoms a few weeks ago. Starting with a headache, those progressed with nausea and fever setting in.

“I rushed to a doctor and as per his advice, underwent a Covid test. Unfortunately, I tested positive and immediately isolated myself,” he recalls.

The initial fear of contracting Covid-19 was telling, he says.

“I was demoralised after testing positive and was getting negative thoughts from all the reports circulating around. Immediately, I disconnected myself from social media and consulted a psychologist online. That helped me stay strong,” he told Telangana Today.

“From day one, I started taking medicine prescribed by doctors on time and also did exercises. I did yoga for an hour in morning and breathing exercises in the evening. A healthy diet is also important. I also kept myself busy and away from all negative feelings. Luckily, my office gave me the option to Work for Home and that kept me busy,” Bista says, asking those who contracted Covid to stay strong.

“Staying strong will help in conquering the virus. Yes, initially there is fear due to the negativity around, but if you are determined that you will recover, then you will win,” he says.

Bista advises people to wear facemasks and maintain social distance.

“Even I thought how I would contract Covid-19 because I was healthy, I was proved wrong. The best available alternative to avoid contracting Covid-19 is to take all precautions,” he adds.


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