Key things to do to recover from Covid

Recover from Covid

Ample sleep, good diet and regular exercise help one recover faster from Covid, say doctors

Hyderabad: Covid-19 can change your life, and how! Recovery from the infection, if the accounts of some who have battled the virus successfully are followed, is turning out to be quite a long process. And here is how they are fighting it, by making changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits and regular exercise to help one recover faster.

Eat right
Proper nutrition and hydration are vital for recovery. People who eat a well-balanced diet during the recovery period not only heal faster but tend to be healthier with stronger immune systems.

Dr K Sunitha Premlatha, chief dietitian, Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, shares that it is imperative for a recovering patient to have a wholesome meal. “Many are concentrating only on a few vitamins and supplements. I recommend that people should eat a variety of fresh and unprocessed foods every day to get the vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants the body needs,” she says.

“You can divide your plate into four portions. The first should be salads, the second vegetables, the third proteins such as egg or paneer, and the fourth can be either chapati or rice,” she says, adding that one should have at least two cups of fruits daily.

Keeping the body well-hydrated is also important.
“The fluid intake depends on gender as well. Women should drink at least 2.8 litres of water, whereas men should take at least 3.7 litres. The fluids not just include water, but juices, soup, tea, etc. Since the weather is getting hotter, you must drink as much water as possible,” Dr Sunitha shares.

Sleep well
Many people might experience irregular sleeping patterns after Covid. Some find it difficult to even fall asleep or stay asleep, and others find they wake up earlier than usual. “It’s important for you to take rest after the infection. Medically, an adult should rest for seven to eight hours. Try to complete that every day. Also, it is important that if you nap in the afternoon, it should be before 3 pm,” says Dr Saketha Reddy.

While you can slowly move towards older routines, you must give your body time to recover.
“One month is an advisable time for people to take rest after Covid. Start with small tasks. Many think sitting at home and watching TV or playing a game on the phone is resting. Try to keep yourself away from the screen. Instead, read a book, listen to music, or just talk to your family,” suggests the doctor.

Stay fit
“Light exercise for 30 minutes every day is very important for recovery. It’s important to move your muscles so that the blood circulation improves. However, do not exert yourself beyond what your body permits,” says Dr Saketha Reddy.

Yoga and pranayams are good practices because they will relax the mind. Pratibha Agarwal, founder-director of Anahata Yoga Zone, suggests that the patient should start slow. “One can start with breathing exercises. Once you feel better, I would suggest you can do Surya Namaskaras as they help stretch every muscle, improve blood circulation and feel relaxed. Even elderly patients can do Surya Namaskaras sitting on a chair. Even moving all the joints can help too,” she says.


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