Korean home remedies and tips Part-2

Korean home remedies

Always wanted to have smooth, glass-like skin? Here are some Korean beauty secrets and tips to get the glowing skin you always wanted.

Make Damp Cloth A Part Of Your Routine :

One of the easiest skincare hacks that Koreans love to use to get flawless skin is using a damp cloth. Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to scrub the face. It is touted as an effective method to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin within a few weeks.

Sleep With An Overnight Mask On :

When you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin and helps you wake up with glowing skin. Your skin cells boost collagen and repair the skin cells when you are asleep. To add to the repairing process, treat your skin to an overnight mask. These hydrating masks help retain and lock the moisture in the skin that helps give you a bright and glowing complexion, and have a glass skin.

Slap Your Products In :

This tried and tested Korean skincare hack is great for those looking for a natural way to plump the skin. Instead of rubbing your products in, try slapping them in to improve blood flow and allow the product to penetrate better. Lightly slapping the product is also believed to stimulate collagen over time. Remember, slap the products in – don’t beat yourself up!

10-Second Rule :

Another Korean skincare hack is to let your face dry naturally after washing it. Towel used to pat dry the skin is also bad for the skin. This is because the fibres contain bacteria and chemicals that can lead to skin problems. Another essential rule to be followed is the 10-second rule. You should be able to apply your skincare products within 10 seconds of washing your face. So, basically applying the products while your face is still damp. The idea is to apply the products when the pores are most receptive.

Double Cleansing :

As the name suggests, double cleansing is all about washing your face with two cleansers. You start with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based one. The purpose of this technique is to get the best of both worlds. An oil-based cleanser helps remove oil-based impurities, and a water-based cleanser helps remove the grime and sweat by working its way into the skin. People who are prone to acne should gently double cleanse to get rid of bacteria that leads to breakouts. It is also great to revitalize dull skin and allow other skincare products to penetrate more effectively.

Steam Massage Your Face :

Ditch the facials and try giving your face a steam massage in the shower. Not only is it super easy, but it is effective as well. It is the perfect way to unclog pores and loosen whiteheads and blackheads to give you a natural glow. Use your fingertips in circular motions and start taping from the forehead and slowly progress downwards to the cheekbones, cheeks and jawline. Massaging is touted as a natural way that will help improve circulation and gives you a dewy complexion. Treat your skin to a 15-minute face massage at least twice a week to get soft and healthy-looking skin


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