Lift & Lean: Easy Fitness Tips/ Quick Energy


Need A Quick Energy Fix? Try This Lift & Lean, Easy Fitness Tutorial!
How to Do This:
-Inhale & stretch your arms above your head
-Exhale & Fold Forward
Do this 3-5 times with a tight core. Try to elongate your breath & move slowly. Each time you do this, you’ll go deeper!
Part 2: Turn & Lean:
-Inhale & lift all the way back up with your arms over your head
-Exhale, turn & fold to1 side
-Inhale & lift all the way back up
-Exhale, turn & fold to the other side.
Try to do 3-5 Turn & Fold sets.
-If your legs are sore or tight, only fold to where you can. You can also soften your knees so they are slightly bent.
-Take multiple breaths to get there.
-Try it in a chair or against a wall for support.
-Add a little twist!
Whatever you do, take your time and keep your belly tight. Notice how much more energized you feel after doing this simple exercise. It’s a total game changer!
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