Looking For Ways To Reduce Arm Fat?

Arm Fat

If you want to lose fat from your arms, you must do these pilates exercises that specifically target the fat around the arms.

Pilates is a great exercise to strengthen the core but when talking about arms, it works on the endurance of the muscles which means the movements are done one after another and in a smooth manner which means it works on all of those small muscles and muscles groups. This, in turn, gives you a shaped, toned and lean look.

As pilates doesn’t use weights, it just uses a progressive resistance like a string or we will do exercises with an elastic band. If someone doesn’t have a band, all of the exercises that are mentioned in this article can be done with small weights or any other thing that has a certain amount of weight in it such as a water bottle. This can provide a little resistance. One thing to note here is that you are supposed to do exercises one after the other in a smooth manner without any breaks in between. When they have combined altogether, they actually work on all the muscle groups including the posterior part of the arms which is called the bra fat. This area is very difficult to reach through the conventional way and therefore, Pilates works excellent for that area as well. In short, Pilates not only tone the front of the arms but also the back part of the arms, shoulder blades and bra fat.

Posterior Standing Hundred
Stand in the straight position with your toes shoulder-width apart.
Now clap with your arms quickly back and forth
Pushing back focusing on pushing away and behind the body.
This exercise targets the triceps area and back of the arms.

Bra Fat Buster
This is called the bra fat buster exercise where we are moving the arms back and forth.
This exercise is best done with an elastic band.
So, we open the arms and move them back and forth.
This really gets that area going or let’s just say it exercises that area.

This exercise can also be done in the standing position as well.
We will go up and down ten times towards the ceiling.
Now, open your arms and then close up and down.
One is with elbows bend and towards the ceiling.
The second version is keeping the elbows straight and go up and down to the ceiling.

Bend your elbows and tap them against your shoulder.
Keeping a 90 degrees angle, open the arms.
Bring arms on the side then the front and finish with the arm circle.

These exercises work on all the muscle groups of the arms. These help in shaping, toning and getting rid of the arm fat easily and effectively. If you are trying to focus on arm fat then you must try these Pilates exercises out. These exclusively focus on arm muscles and help you in getting lean, toned and fat-free arms


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