Metabolic Stretching – Stretching for Increased FAT LOSS


Think stretching is just for loosening up tight muscles? Think again! This FAT BURNING Metabolic Stretching Routine will boost metabolism to help you lose weight faster.

Want a simple, effective routine to BOOST METABOLISM and increase FAT BURNING? Then you want to check out this AT BURNING Metabolic Stretching Routine with Coach Tonya, to boost metabolism in one easy, effective routine!

If you are wondering how a stretching routine can help increase your fat burning since most of us consider stretching to be something we do more to help us with our mobility and to loosen up sore and tight muscles, then you are not alone. This is a GREAT question!

Think about it this way . . . moving your body increases metabolism and you don’t necessarily have to be run a marathon or hitting a spin class several times a week to BOOST METABOLISM.

The concept behind this FAT BURNING STRETCHING ROUTINE is that by continuously moving through a series of dynamic exercises for 3-4 entire rounds, you will increase your body temperature which will BOOST your METABOLISM and that means FAT BURNING!

The routine could not be any more simple either. Feel free to start out by practicing each move separately till you feel comfortable doing them. Then put them all together into one continuous FAT BURNING FLOW!

Do this along with Coach Tonya while she talks you through each movement and how to transition easily from one exercise to the next.


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