My Fitness Journey – How I Transformed


My Fitness Journey – How I Transformed From Obese To Shredded

Can someone who’s always been overweight transform themselves – that too, just with home workouts? Vijay Kandrikar has the answer!

From a young age, Vijay faced a number of health issues. He had severe asthma, and couldn’t participate in sports unlike his friends and cousins. As he grew older, things only got worse. As an IT engineer, Vijay spent 8 to 9 hours a day doing a desk job. On top of that, he was a foodie who believed in working hard and partying harder!

The result: obesity, back pain and a plethora of health issues.

Things finally changed when Vijay’s wife made him attend a fitness seminar where he was introduced to a whole new approach to being healthy. That day, Vijay decided to recreate his physique and health and become a whole new person. This is his journey from being unhealthy to featuring in the Top 250 of Transformation Challenge 11.


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