Pandemic worsens malnutrition & food


Pandemic worsens malnutrition & food insecurity worldwide | COVID-19 Special

We’re taking a look-ahead at life after the pandemic — from what it means for cities to economies and even nutrition. A recent study has linked higher obesity rates with higher COVID death rates.

The World Obesity Federation report says COVID death rates were ten times higher in countries where the population was on average overweight. Further almost 90 Percent of Covid deaths occured in countries with high obesity rates. The report calls for people living with obesity to have priority access to vaccines.

Meanwhile, the pandemic itself has increased hunger and malnutrition around parts of the world. For the first time, half of Brazilians don’t have access to safe and nutritious food. That’s according to Reddy Pensann, a local food research group. Lines are swelling by the day at soup kitchens and food distributions points. Experts say the sharp increase in food insecurity is due to job losses caused by the pandemic.


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