patients with hypertension need to be careful during corona

covid 19

patients with corona need to be careful during corona
Prevention Tips For Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
To avoid a hypertension, make these healthy lifestyle choices,

Eat balanced diet
Eating healthy foods can help in keeping blood pressure within limits. Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables, especially those which are rich in potassium and limit intake of fat and sugar. Consider following the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), which has proven to help manage blood pressure.

Maintain optimum weight
When it comes to hypertension prevention, your weight plays a crucial role. If you are carrying excess weight, even losing 3 to 4 kg can help in preventing high blood pressure.

Cut down salt intake
For some people, eating a low salt (sodium) diet can help keep blood pressure under control. Daily minimum requirement of salt is not more than 0.5 a teaspoon but people tent d to eat much more than that. Avoid processed foods, pickles, sausages and other ready to eat stuff as they are loaded with salt.

Regular exercise
Get moving to prevent hypertension. The more you exercise, the better you control high blood pressure. Moderate level exercise for about 30 minutes, three times a week is a good enough to start.

Quit smoking, Limit alcohol
Giving up tobacco is the key to hypertension prevention. Drinking too much of alcohol can lead to high blood pressure. To prevent hypertension, stick to the recommended allowance – which is no more than one drink a day.

Monitor blood pressure regularly

Make sure to measure blood pressure regularly, either by a doctor or at home with electronic machines. Since high blood pressure to do not exhibit pronounced symptoms, only checking it frequently can make you catch it before it starts creating other complications in the body


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