Rakul And Upsi Join Hands: What’s Cooking?


It is a well-known fact that Upasana Konidela is a fitness enthusiast. She eats healthy and maintains a strict lifestyle to stay in a good shape. The latest video of hers with Rakul Preet is taking the internet by storm as the duo is seen talking about clean eating and cooking some scrumptious spinach peas pulao.

Upasana, who is eminently known for her amicable behaviour has a mature, balanced and reliable personality. She also has a lot of besties from the industry and Rakul is one of them. The two were seen having fun while cooking a healthy dish, which is nothing short of fascinating.

In the video, Rakul is seen preaching to Upasana that rice is actually good for weight loss when consumed in moderation. “So Upsi, I know you are always on diet and you hate eating rice or you think rice can make you gain weight. So I will teach you how to eat rice. You eat one portion of rice and double the portion of veggies”.

Upasana in return asked a hilarious question “ Ok Rakul but if I eat like this… do I have to work out also??” to which Rakul laughed and answered “of course, you should work out anyway, but you may not have to work out as much”. While making pulao, Rakul revealed that she has it almost every day and it is a healthy way to eat rice with a lot of veggies and dal.

Rakul is later seen talking about the benefits of ghee and how she replaces white sugar with jaggery. As they complete cooking a yummy-looking spinach peas pulao along with some intriguing talk, we also cannot stop admiring how beautiful Rakul looks. She looked superfit and pretty in a white ruffled gown while Upasana looked refreshingly charming in a glossy dress.

A couple of months ago, Upasana launched URLife.co.in along with Ram Charan and Rakul Preet is the guest editor for the website. The site has a million users where one can grasp all the healthy stuff here, It addresses issues on health, lifestyle, mental, physical health and trending ideas.


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