Telangana Heading For Lockdown Again?


Is the Telangana government headed by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao contemplating enforcing lockdown again in the state in the wake of increasing number of Covid-19 cases?

According to reports coming from the government, the chief minister is likely to make an announcement to this effect in the state assembly on Tuesday.

It is not sure whether the lockdown would be in the form of a night curfew or week-end lockdown, or confine it to a few containment areas in the districts bordering Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka.

KCR held a meeting with senior health department officials and health minister Etala Rajander in his chambers to understand the Coronavirus situation in the state.

Since the neighbouring states are implementing lockdown in some areas, he is wondering whether implementing the same in Telangana, at least partially, would be of any help.

The government is already considering the issue of closure of schools for Class 1 to 8 in the wake of increasing number of Covid-19 cases among students. They are likely to be promoted directly to the higher cases.

The government might also impose restrictions in cinema theatres and other areas where there is high population density.

If lockdown is imposed again, the situation will come back to square one and there will be uncertainty in all sectors.


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