This Comma Shaped Pasta Is The Latest Food Invention

Comma Shaped Pasta

This Comma Shaped Pasta Is The Latest Food Invention To Make You Salivate

We all love pasta, don’t we? And while you must have devoured on everything from penne to ravioli to spaghetti there is a new variety of pasta which you might want to try. Podcast host Dan Pashman has invented a pasta variety that resembles an oversized comma and foodies cannot keep calm. Pashman, who hosts award-winning The Sporkful, took almost three years to create the new pasta shape called Cascatelli.

The Comma-Shaped Pasta Is Already Selling Like Hot Cakes

If you are still skeptical about trying this new comma-shaped pasta, know that it is already selling like hotcakes. The pasta already found favour in people’s pasta menu. They already sold the first batch of 3700 boxes of cascatelli in less than two hours and the second batch of 8000 boxes was sold within 12 hours

It Is Extremely Satisfying To Sink Your Teeth Into This Pasta

Pashman documented the pasta-creation in a five-part series in his podcast. The creator claims that this new pasta variety makes any pasta dish more saucy and convenient to eat. Three main metrics make this pasta a winner dish – ‘sauceability’ (how well sauce combines), ‘forkability’ (how easily the pasta stays on the fork), and ‘toothsinkability’ (how satisfying it is to sink one’s teeth into it).


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