Vedix hair product review | Vedix honest review in hindi


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I tried Vedix for 15 days…

Why Vedix?

Unlike other Ayurvedic brands that offer generic solutions for your hair problems, Vedix bestows you with customized hair products that are perfect for your hair type and its unique requirements.

Based on your answers related to your lifestyle, body structure, likes and dislikes in the Vedix hair questionnaire, our Ayurvedic experts evaluate your dosha levels. Based on your dosha profile, we deliver you a hair care kit with custom Ayurvedic formulations which have a special set of herbs. They specifically target your hair concerns.

With 20+ years of expertise and more than 25,000 hours of research done by our Ayurvedic doctors, Vedix is the first and only customized Ayurvedic hair care brand that offers you highly balanced herbal formulations, backed by remarkable Ayurvedic scriptures.


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