What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Urticaria?


Sometimes, people get swollen, red and itchy hives on their skin, which is called urticaria. Urticaria is a skin disease and you should know about the causes and treatment for the same. Dr. Manjul Agarwal, Senior Consultant – Dermatology, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, about the same. One out of five people have the chance of developing urticaria once in their lifetime. If the symptoms of urticaria persist for less than six weeks, then it is called acute urticaria. But, if the symptoms persist for more than six weeks, then it is called chronic urticaria. In majority people, the cause of this allergy remains unidentified. We can identify the cause only in some people.

1. Bacterial or viral infections can also cause urticaria. Soar throat, hepatitis or any other infection in the body can cause urticaria. Even worms in our intestine can cause urticaria.

2. Sometimes, even a food item can cause urticaria. Foods items such as eggs, fish, sea foods or even certain nuts can be a factor behind urticaria.

3. There are also certain medicines which can cause urticaria like antibiotics, penicillin and sometimes a simple pain killer can also be a trigger.

If you also have this skin problem, then you should know how to take care about this at home. Try to understand the cause of your allergy. And, one should try to eliminate the cause if possible. If we are having urticaria, then we should apply lacto calamine on the affected area. It is generally available in our houses. And, it can give relief in itching. Oral medicines can also be taken to cope up with the symptoms of urticaria.


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