What Causes Food Allergies in Kids ?


Food allergies have been on the rise, but what causes these allergies in kids?

In this video, board certified pediatrician and food allergy mom Dr. Amna Husain discusses what causes food allergies in kids .

Video Chapters:

0:00​- Introductiton
1:25​- How do allergies generally develop?
2:54​- How does a food allergy develop?
3:58​- What is Anaphylaxis?
4:47​- How to potentially prevent food allergies in kids?
5:33​- What are the risks of waiting too long to introduce solids?
6:18​- Hygiene hypothesis, explained
7:21​- The role of Vitamin D
8:01​- What are all the allergenic foods out there?
8:15​- Which food allergies can be “outgrown” and which can’t be outgrown?
9:48​- Myths about food allergies


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