What do you consider a GOOD GYM


What do you consider a GOOD GYM PR? + April FOOLING the family 315lb/143kg bench – 152lb/69kg bodywt

Family: 0:00​
Fitness: 5:04​
Fishing: 9:07​

Team UFpwrLifters, giving these videos a thumbs up is so much appreciated as are your comments and dialogue below. You all motivate me to stay on top of this stuff as I try to grow my gym community by spreading positive vibes through meaningful interactions at the gym and in the comments section.

Color captions: tried to pick a color close to what the speaker was wearing.

Re title: what’s a good gym lift and what’s a bad one?

Questions/Feedback request:
-Are there any hard rules for what is considered a “gym” PR?
-have you hit the LIKE button? 😇

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