What is Weight Gain and Why is it Important?

Gaining Weight

Safe & quick ways to gain weight. Expect results in just one week. Read through this article and learn how you can get those gains in a short amount of time.

What is Weight Gain and Why is it Important?

Weight gain is categorically defined as an increase in body weight, contributing to an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits or accumulation of excess body fluids. In today’s day and age, wherein everyone is jumping on this weight loss bandwagon, shall how to gain weight be an addressed question?

According to a study, underweight people are associated with the risk of early death, with men being at an increased risk of 140% as compared to 100% in women, while obese people were at a risk of 50%

Another study found that being underweight also increases the risk of infertility, causes osteoporosis, fractures and infections.

Underweight people are also associated with the risk of age-related muscle wasting and a higher risk of dementia. Thus, it becomes very necessary for skinny people to increase weight or underweight people to know how to put on weight.

Causes of Being Underweight:

It is essential to take into consideration the following causes and know how to gain weight:

Thyroid: Hyperthyroidism caused by an overactive thyroid, boosts metabolism and leads to drastic unhealthy weight loss.

Eating Disorder: Serious mental disorders like anorexia nervosa can cause extreme weight loss.

Infections: Malarial or parasitic infections, diarrhea, tuberculosis, etc may lead to unhealthy loss of weight.

Diabetes: Uncontrolled type 1 diabetes

Cancer: Cancer patients tend to get weaker and experience more and more weight loss.

Genetics: Sometimes, it’s just heredity which makes a person underweight.

Stress: These days, many individuals experience stress which may be either due to work life or personal life, irrespective of that stress is what leads to loss of sleep and appetite which eventually disrupts the metabolism, a person gets weaker and thereby experiences unhealthy weight loss.


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